【Toyama One Day Tour】 ”Enjoy Sushi Lunch!Mini Sightseeing Tour with Local Guide,and Tea Ceremony Experience”

富山市観光協会提供 (4)
Tour No.   MCI002
Tour name  Toyama One Day Tour ”Enjoy Sushi Lunch!Mini Sightseeing Tour and Tea Ceremony Experience with Local Guide”
Meeting place& Dismissal  JR Toyama Station South Gate( Around Hokuriku Shinkansen Ticket Gate ) ⇒ MAP
Date  request
Price  ¥9,000 /per person(tax included)
Details  This tour gives you Special Toyama’s sushi lunch and Tea Ceremony experiences.
An English speaking guide with you!

[Recommended Points!]
 Enjoy taking on a tram and Visit the historical places and museum♪
IMG_6434 富山市観光協会提供 (5) IMG_5633 IMG_6428
Visit Toyama castle and enjoy Samurai Experience and Tea Ceremony Experience .
お城の見えるカフェ (3) IMG_6497 IMG_6548 kacchu1
 Enjoy Special Toyama’s sushi Lunch and Matcha with Japanese sweets.
鮨イメージ (1) 鮨イメージ (7) 20190511104653_p494 20190610174839_p593
Itinerary  (Meeting Time 11:00)Toyama Station South Gate … (11:20-12:30)Lunch・Sushi Shop … Toyama City Observation Tower …(13:30) Toyama Castle Park Walking/Samurai Experience … (14:00-14:40)Tea Ceremony Experience… (15:10-16:10)Toyama Glass Art Museum … Ikedaya Yasubei Shoten(Oriental Medicine Shop)= (Taking a Tram) = (16:30)Dismissed at Toyama Station South Gate.
Capacity・Deadline Capacity: 16 people
Deadline: The day if there is room to capacity.
Minimum guests   2 people
How to apply [E-mail only]In order to apply please send the following information at application@chiikikanko.com :

  • NAME 
  • AGE
  • CONTACT DETAILS (e-mail & phone number)
  • DATE of PARTICIPATION, when you wish to participate

In case you are applying on behalf of more people please give us their Name, Age, Gender as well.
If you have any inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

※ If you are members of ”MOC2019”, please write “MOC2019”in Message When you request this tour.

After application We will contact you by mail or phone to confirm the reservation. Please note that the tour can be cancelled if the minimum number of guests is not attained
Remarks  <Host>Region Tourism Management

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