Terms of service

Terms of service
Article 1 General provisions
This Site Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) stipulates the items that must be observed when using the Toyama WEB Desk (hereinafter referred to as “this Site”).

Article 2 Scope of application
・ This agreement applies to the use of information and services provided by this site (hereinafter “Service”). Regardless of whether or not you are a member, customers who use this site (hereinafter referred to as “users”) will be deemed to have agreed to these terms by using this service.

Article 3 Usage environment of this site
-The communication equipment, software, telephone usage contract and Internet connection contract necessary for using this site shall be prepared at the customer’s expense. In addition, communication charges and connection charges related to the use of this service will be borne by the customer.

Article 4 Handling of personal information
・ We handle personal information of users based on the “Privacy Policy” described separately.
The user shall provide personal information after agreeing to our privacy policy.

Article 5 Copyright, property rights and other rights
・ Copyrights, trademarks, other intellectual property rights, portrait rights and all other rights to the screens and information posted on this site belong to the Company.
・ The transfer, editing, use, reproduction, diversion, etc. of all or part of the contents posted on this site is prohibited without obtaining prior consent from the Company.
・ Copyrights, public transmission, distribution, sales, translation / adaptation, lending, provision, etc. of copyrighted information, etc. when the user has posted on this site (reuse from the Company to third parties) (Including the right to license) to the Company free of charge. In addition, the user shall not exercise the moral rights of the author against the Company.

Article 6 Prohibited matters
・ Users of this site shall not perform the following acts.
1. The act of applying for false registration details when registering as a member
2. Acts that impede the operation of the services provided by the Company, acts that interfere with the services provided, or acts that may cause them
3. Unauthorized use of credit cards, etc. to use services provided by the Company
4. Unauthorized use of user ID and password
5. Actions that cause trouble, disadvantage, or damage to other users, third parties or the Company
6. Acts that infringe on copyrights, privacy or other rights of other users, third parties or our company
7. Acts that violate public order and morals, other acts that violate laws and ordinances
8. Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate
Article 7 Disclaimer
-The Company does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by this service. The Company assumes no responsibility for any damages to users or third parties caused by such information.
-The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by the user’s failure to use this site.
・ You may be linked to other websites and resources from within this service. We are not responsible for the availability of linked sites or resources.

Article 8 Management of user contributions (word-of-mouth, bulletin board management, etc.)
The user posting service on this site consists of postings based on self-responsibility from users. For the convenience of users, if a similar or similar post is found, the user post may be modified or deleted without notice. In addition, our company is solely responsible for determining whether user submissions are subject to correction or deletion. Please be advised that we cannot answer any reasons for determining whether a user post has been modified or deleted.
1. Things that go against public order and morals
2. Things that slander others such as individuals, groups, shops
3.Things that infringe on the rights, property, trust, honor and privacy of our company and others
4. Infringement of intellectual property rights (copyright, design rights, patent rights, etc.) of our company and others
5.Personal complaints, troubles and reservations to specific business operators (stores, etc.)
6. Items that are considered difficult to confirm, such as unfounded reputation, rumors, and criticism
7. Anything related to advertising / notification (HP address description, job offer information, etc.) regardless of profit or non-profit
8. Contrary to domestic and overseas laws
9. Things that develop into discussions such as religion and politics
10.Things that may adversely affect minors
11. Posts (images, text, etc.) that are obscene, child pornography or child abuse
12. Things that lead to ethnic and racial discrimination
13.Things judged to be a problem from an ethical perspective
14. Items that are judged to have the same posting content
15. What is not related to the purpose of this site or the subject of submission
16. Violation of these Terms
17. Other things that the Company deems inappropriate

Article 9 Notification
-We will notify users of necessary information from time to time by posting on our site, e-mail, and other methods.

Article 10 Changes to and revisions to the terms
-The Company shall be able to change these Terms without the user’s consent, and the user shall consent in advance.

Article 11 Change, suspension and abolition of this service
・ We may change this service without prior notice to the user. In addition, the Company may suspend or abolish this service without prior notice.
-The Company assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to users or third parties due to the change, suspension or abolition of this service.

Article 12 Other
・ If the user violates this agreement, uses illegal services, etc., and damages the Company, the Company can claim damages against the user.


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