Discover Toyama’s hidden gems!


Promotional tour!

〈Discover Toyama’s hidden gems!〉


This Thursday, we conducted a free walking tour for some exchanged students in Toyama. This time it concerned a walking tour designed by a five energetic students from Toyama University of International Studies. They have been working on this project once a week in collaboration with our staff since last October.

Planning a city tour is more complicated than it seems! The students put together a walking tour intended mainly for foreigners, and after all the planning and deliberation we were finally able to conduct a <Promotional tour>. For a first time experience I’d say it went pretty well- we enjoyed Toyama’s “gems” even though the weather wasn’t exactly on our side. Our first clients got to enjoy the beautiful expositions at Toyama Glass Museum, ate some delicious ayame dango at Ishitani Mochiya, went to pray at the local shrine, saw some amazing Japanese swords and last but not least took some memorable photos at Toyama Castle Park.

We hope to be able to hold such events in the near future as well and gradually improve the quality of our tours.

Til next time!

Region Tourism Management

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