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General Incorporated Association Region Tourism Management Toyama Office
Address: 〒930-0023 2-2-7 Kitashincho, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture Imai Building 6B
TEL: 076-471-6103 FAX: 076-471-6104
E-mail: URL:
Registration number: Toyama Prefecture Governor Registration Travel Business Area-3 / Toyama Governor Registration Travel Service Arrangement No.5
Established: November 19, 2015

General Incorporated Association Region Tourism Management carries out the community development business in cooperation with local people and tourist attraction business utilizing regional resources.
We are working from the idea that we can create a business that can generate the footfall of the region and bring economic benefits, and hope we can create the systems and businesses that enable the region can continue to develop.

Representative Director Masatoshi Tsukamoto

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