Enjoy water!! Trekking and Tempura cooking experience in Mt. Tateyama



Tour No
Tour name
 Enjoy water!! Trekking and Tempura cooking experience in Mt. Tateyama

(from mid-Apr. to mid-Nov.)

 \25,000 pers. (tax included)
*Including Guide fee, material cost, and facility usage fee
Meeting place& Dismissal
 Guest house Shiroi Kiseki

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Explore and taste the water of Toyama! The tour offers you the hands-on activity of trekking off-the-beaten-path and home cooking in Mt.Tateyama.

Highlights of the tour:
1. Accompanied by a local licensed guide throughout the tour.
2. Trekking to a Hyakkenname stream.
3. Learn how to cook Tempura and earthenpot rice called Donabe Gohan at a local guest house.

The theme of the tour is the pure mountain water, which Toyama is quite famous for!
Trekking; After 30 min of hike, enjoy the splash of the clear-color water of Hyakkenname and learn how locals benefit from its nature.
Cooking; Using the local water and ingredients, we cook Tempura and earthen pot rice called Donabe Gohan in a cozy atmosphere at the guest house SHIROI KISEKI.

This is an optional tour with up to six people designed for a group staying overnight at Tateyama/Unazuki hot spring resort.

Wearing comfortable sneakers is highly recommended.

6 people
Minimum guests
2 people
Cancel Policy
Customer may at any time cancel the Travel Contract by paying the following cancellation fees; the application for cancellation will be accepted within the business hours of the office to which the application is made.

From 20th day (or from 10th day in the case of one-day trip) …20% of travel fee

From 7th day…30% of travel fee

The day before the departuredate…40% of travel fee

On the day of departure…50% of travel fee

Cancellation after starting travel (Note 3) or in the case of nonparticipation withoutnotice…100% of travel fee

 <Host>Region Tourism Management

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