“Ichigo Ichie; Once in the lifetime chance”of the great time in the castle. Tea Experience at the Toyama castle.

Tour No.
Tour name  “Ichigo Ichie; Once in the lifetime chance”of the great time in the castle.
Tea Experience at the Toyama castle.
Meeting place& Dismissal Meeting place: In front of Toyama-City Tourism Association.

Dismissal: Toyama-City Sato Memorial Museum.

Date  ◇Holding Time  14:00~16:00
◇Event Date of September
Price  2,000 yen per person
※Child: 1,500 yen (Age of 10-15)
(Including Admission fee, Guide fee, Experience fee, and Macha/confectionary charge.)
Details  Once in the Toyama castle ruins park which was the castle of the Maeda family of the Toyama clan which yields one billion koku of rice, it is plan that you can enjoy real tea experience and sightseeing of Toyama castle ruin.
Forget the everyday in the quiet Toyama castle ruins, and why don’t you enjoy “great time in the castle”in the mood of as if you are the lord? 

◆Tea Experience at the historic tea room 

◆Enjoy Sightseeing of Toyama castle ruins; Guide with guidance commentary.
(Visit the folk museum in the Toyama castle and Sato Memorial Museum in the Toyama castle ruins park.)

sozai-17-150x150 sozai-15-150x150


◇Toyama-City Folk Museum
It is registered as a registered tangible cultural property of the country as a building representative of the war damaged recovery period.
Let’s climb the castle tower and look over Toyama plain♪

IMG_2484 IMG_5817

◇Toyama-City Sato Memorial Museum
Art objects and others collected by Mr. Sukekuro Sato who was a businessman from Tonami City(western part of Toyama Prefecture) and was a tea person are displayed.

IMG_2542 sozai-8-150x150

◇Optional Tour: Toyama castle area experience
You can also book optional sightseeing which is very popular at the same time!

Optional Tour No.1: Samurai Experience Toyama (Toyama-City Tourism Association) 500 yen Click here for details.



Optional Tour No.2: Matsukawa river cruises(Toyama Kanko Yuransen Ltd.) 1,600 yen
30 minutes river Matsukawa cruises. You can notice it appears many different scenery by Japanese seasons. With this cruices, you can rediscover the historic city TOYAMA.
※In case of application for the cruise on this tour you can apply at a special price 1,500 yen(tax included)!
※Depending on the weather and the circumstances of the operating company this cruise may be canceled.


Itinerary  Start at 14:00  Place: In front of Toyama-City Tourism Association ・・ 14:45~ A walk at the Toyama castle ruins park・・ 15:00~Visit Toyama-City Sato Memorial Museum・・ 15:15~ Tea experience with Matcha and sweets・・ End of 16:00
Capacity・Deadline 16 people each days
Minimum guests  1 person.
How to apply [E-mail only]In order to apply please send the following information at application@chiikikanko.com :

  • NAME 
  • AGE
  • CONTACTDETAILS (e-mail or phone number)
  • PARTICIPATION DATE, when you wish to participate

In case you are applying on behalf of more people please give us their Name, Age, Gender as well.          If you have any inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

〈Application Deadline〉
Advanced reservation system
Apply by 13:00 on the day of holding.
We will close the reception as soon as we are full, so please reserve as soon as possible.
※ If there are vacancies, you can also accept after 13:00, but the contents may be changed partly.

After application We will contact you by mail or phone to confirm the reservation. Please note that the tour can be cancelled if the minimum number of guests is not attained

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