Tour No.  K-002
Tour name  Farm experience plan
Meeting place& Dismissal  I`ll contact you when you make a reservation.   (Farm in Toyama city)
Date You can make a reservation at any time!
Please make a reservation a month beforehand.
This plan takes about 3 hours.
Price  ■Adult: 8,000 yen ■ Children: 4,000 yen   [Ages 5 and under :free]
※If you need Taxi, we book it and additional fee.
Details ■Rice planting experience!
In early May,you can enjoy rice planting experience with Japense farmer.
And you can enjoy making Rice ball !

■Vegetable harvest!
From June to September, you can enjoy vegetable harvest  experience with Japense farmer.
And you can enjoy making Rice ball!

Rice harvesting experience!
In early Octover, you can enjoy Rice harvesting experience with Japense farmer.
And you can enjoy making Rice ball !

Capacity・Deadline Capacity:15 people

Deadline: The day if there is room to capacity.

Minimum guests  4 people
How to apply [E-mail only]In order to apply please send the following information at :

  • NAME 
  • AGE
  • CONTACTDETAILS (e-mail & phone number)
  • PARTICIPATION DATE, when you wish to participate

In case you are applying on behalf of more people please give us their Name, Age, Gender as well.          If you have any inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

After application We will contact you by mail or phone to confirm the reservation. Please note that the tour can be cancelled if the minimum number of guests is not attained
Remarks Please come with casual clothes which you would not m in getting dirty.
We`ll lend tools.

【写真⑪】廣貫堂資料館 049-300x200 IMG_2542 島川あめ店-300x200 127159072849816125181_001_20100418203848-300x200

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