《Let’s Become Warm at the Japanease Traditional Heater “Kotatsu”》 Winter Special Sales! Matsukawa Kotatsu Chaya Now Open!


Winter Special Sales!
“Kotatsu” Chaya Near Toyama Station Now Special Open!
Make Yourself At Home!!


【Open Dates】
【Open Time】
Matsukawa River Chaya(Matsukawa River Cruise Boarding Point)
Honmaru1-34,Toyama-city,Toyama-pref ⇒ MAP
During the period, you can get warm in the “Kotatsu” and enjoy winter-only menus and events (* Now preparing) ♪


《Quick Bite! Winter Limited Special Menus♪※As an example》

◆Red Snow Crub Soup(500 yen)
Popular Tastes of Toyama Winter! Don’t Miss the Red Snow Crub Soup♪*Limited Quantity.

◆Toyama Famous Product-Masu Sushi Tasting Set(500 yen)

Toyama Famous Product “Masu Sushi” was used to cook for the gifts to Tokugawa Shogunate (old Prime Minister), and its history dates back to the Edo period.
There are more than ten stores which keep in making “Masu Sushi” in Toyama-city. Every store keeps their own traditional ways, and there are many differences
of smells and tastes.
Please enjoy the Masu Sushi tasting!

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◆Matcha and Japanese Sweets Set (500 yen)

Please Make yourself Relaxed with Japanese Matcha and Toyama’s Local Japanese Sweets!
IMG_1765 IMG_1773 imager IMG_6653

※The photograph is an image.


Winter Special Cruise! The Special Arranged Cruise at Historical Matsukawa River!(Only 500yen!)
※This plan needs a reservation.

Please click here for the details.


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