Sake degustation & Shamisen Live at Matsukawa-Chaya

Tour No. 001
Tour name  Sake degustation & Shamisen Live at Matsukawa-Chaya
Meeting place  “Matsukawa-Chaya”(松川茶屋)
1-34 Honmaru, Toyama 930-0081 Map
Date 【Schedule 2018】

April, 29th (Sunday) from 19:00 to 20:30

May, 26th (Saturday) from 19:00 to 20:30

June, 23rd (Saturday) from 19:00 to 20:30

Cost  5,000Yen/1 person
(including dinner, drink, and the performance fee)
*4,000Yen without alcohol.
Detail “Shamisen” × “Sake” × “Masuzushi”
Why don’t you come with us to enjoy Toyama night! You can enjoy Shamisen performance, various Sake brewed in Toyama, and Masuzushi. Situated along Matsukawa river and next to Toyama Castle, Matsukawa-Chaya has a suitable atmosphere to listen to Japanese traditional music and drink Sake. 

Performance: Playing Shamisen and singing traditional folk songs of Toyama such as “Owara-bushi” or “Kokiriko-bushi”

Performers: Takuya Hamatani (Shamisen player)

Drinks: More than 5 kinds of Sake and other alcohol such as beer and non-alcohol beverages. You can drink as much as you like! (Nomihoudai)

Cuisine: Masuzushi, a traditional sushi using vinegared trout sashimi. You can try different types of masuzushi and compare their tastes. They are much more different from each other than you would expect!

Souvenir: Japanese traditional candy made in Toyama

Capacity・Deadline  16 people

※on a first come, first served basis.

Minimum guests  from 4 people
How to apply [E-mail only]

Apply by email at:

Please copy-paste the text below and fill in the necessary information before sending it:


Name of the event:

Number of participants:

Participant 1






We will send you a guidance e-mail when the day of the event approaches. Please note that the tour can be cancelled if the minimum number of guests is not attained.

Remarks <Host>Region Tourism Manegement Co.
<Cooperation>Matsukawa River Cruise Inc.、Shamisen-Gakka

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