(ENDED) Making Masu-zushi × Town Tour × Masu-zushi dinner

Tour No.  002
Tour name Making Masu-zushi × Town Tour ×  Masu-zushi dinner
Meeting place  Toyama International Conference Center
Date  September 15th 2017  18:00~20:00
Cost  4,000yen (with Masuzushi)
Detail  Masu-zushi is a traditional sushi of Toyama, which is a round shape sushi covered with vinegared trout.
There are a lot of Masu-zushi shops in Toyama city.
In this tour, a sushi chef at one of the famous Masu-zushi shops will teach you how to make it and enjoy it.
You can eat four kinds of Masu-zushi for dinner.
Capacity・Deadline 16
Minimum guests  2
After application  We will send you an email or make a call to confirm your reservation.
Remarks  <Host>Region Tourism Manegement Co.
<Cooperation>Matsukawa River Cruise Inc.、Shamisen-Gakka




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